Regular Updates Here and 1790s Chemise en Robe

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Hi everyone, I've decided recently that although I wanted this place to be an area that everyone can post to, I would like to post regular sewing updates to get this community moving a bit. I've been inspired by the journal of koshka_the_cat, where she posts regular updates on her projects - it makes me feel as though I'm there, watching her progress day by day, which is very interesting - so I thought maybe I could do something similar. I also have my main blog, but that is where I post about finished projects. Who knows, I might post some of my progress to Blogger too!
Once again, feel free to join and post your own updates and current projects!

Yesterday I started cutting out my pattern and fabric pieces of the 1790s chemise en robe by Laughing Moon. I've always wanted a chemise en robe with lots of beautiful silk sashes, and recently I've been really wanting to start one of my first costumes, so I couldn't resist beginning it yesterday with some muslin I purchased a while back from Abakhan. I've got clothing to make for my upcoming holiday in Florida, but for the moment I've put that on the backburner after making a dress and a top - my costume is calling!

Here's what the pattern looks like:

I'm hoping to create view B with the fully gathered bodice and a train. It would be heavenly to wear this around the garden in summer, or going to a costume event!

And my to-do list:

  • Purchase some white linen or cotton for the lining (it's the lining, so I'm not going for full historical accuracy).

  • Put together the dress

  • Make a chemise for wearing under the stays

  • Make or buy another set of stays. I tried mine on yesterday evening and I'm really not happy with how they look or fit - they don't give me a very defined conical shape, and some of the boning sticks into me, plus, they're messy and more Elizabethan than 18th Century.

  • Possibly make another taffeta or silk sash, maybe in pink or blue. I already own one in black that I made from the remnants of my 18th Century petticoat for another outfit.

  • Make some plain white 18th Century petticoats! (basically all the underpinnings)

EDIT: And in other news, I've created a historical costuming group on Facebook if anybody wants to join in:
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My Novel on Sale Now!

Hello everyone! I have great news!

After weeks of proof-reading and nerves, I’ve finally taken the plunge and published my first novel to Amazon! I’m thrilled, and at the same time, nearly fainting with anxiety, hoping very much that at least some people will like it.

You can get it from Amazon now for 2 pounds and six pence ($2.99), or free on Kindle Unlimited in a few days (I’ll let you know when I’ve sorted the ins and outs of Kindle Unlimited). Reviews are incredibly welcome, especially of the kind and positive ilk! Here it is.

Hope you enjoy it! Give some love to Nami, who illustrated the cover at her Instagram!


elliemorris's 2015 Sewing Projects

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Here are my makes of 2015; hopefully 2016 will be more productive!

A simple white muslin fichu as part of my ongoing Georgian project.

A Classic Lolita A-line skirt made from fabric from Ikea and white polyester taffeta.

A 50s/otome-kei striped dress, called Evangeline's Summer Dress. This was one of my first projects.

A black Georgian petticoat with ruffle.

A rather failing pair of Georgian stays.

A paisley top for my Mother.

A 20s cloche I made myself from leftover black velvet and some cordoroy.

Queen of Heart skirt made from Spoonflower fabric and inspired by Innocent World.

Another Lolita skirt, this time customised with lace and made shorter.

A jumpsuit for my sister (which she never wore).

A 1940s-inspired beach skirt.

A 50s dress for my dolls.

What have you made in 2015?
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New: My Author Website and Free Chapters

Recently I've been plowing through my first novel, When the Summer Ends, and to get myself out there before I finish, I've created a website for my books. It's still a work in progress, but go and check it out here!

A tale of love and friendship set in the 1950s, When the Summer Ends tackles society’s views of the times.
Aika Rowland is a young lady affected by Aspergers, and struggling to live her life; her famous family has its own problems and often she is overlooked, finding it hard to fit in with her outlandish clothes and strange mannerisms. That is, until she meets rough, tough Greaser girl, Cherry Knox, the girl who shows her what love is really about.

You can read the first five chapters of my novel in PDF for free here. Enjoy!
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This LiveJournal blog has been made mainly so that I can post to communities that share my interests (such as Lolita fashion and my favourite books and TV series) and talk to people at those communities, so don't expect to see anything remotely interesting on my actual blog page. However, I may post some important things here, like if I finish the book I'm writing and want to advertise it a little bit, haha.
I've marked some of the posts I've made in communities in my memories - hopefully it doesn't make me look like I'm full of myself, as I mainly did it so that it looks like I'm actually doing something here, rather than having a mysteriously blank blog! XD
Feel free to add me as a friend or message me if you want to talk about something, as I love talking on the internet about hobbies and such (so much better than real life)!