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elliemorris's Journal

Hi, my name is Ellie and I'm a 17 year-old girl from England! Mostly my Livejournal account is to follow communities as I use Blogger for my blog posts, though there may be the odd post or two from me in the future.
I adore everything cute and elegant, especially lolita fashion and dolls. I like dressing in lolita, drawing pictures, writing stories, hugging my dog, drinking tea and curling up to read books, as well as my Pullip collection. My inspirations are Mitsukazu Mihara, Yana Toboso, and Macoto Takahashi for art, although in writing I look towards history for inspiration. The thing I like drawing the best is fashion, as I just adore clothes of all kinds. Someday I would love to become an author or an illustrator (a costume designer to be precise).